Kitchen Gadget Paradise

Cooking hasn’t always been my thing. I didn’t think I was good at it. Then, I took a bunch of cooking classes at Sur la Table. That gave me confidence, but it also taught me to love kitchen tools and gadgets. I threw out my old kitchen gadgets and bought new ones. Now I love to cook, and it’s made more pleasurable because I have the right tools. Here are some of my favorites.

The oil spritzer below is fabulous when you’re trying to cut calories and/or fat. You can have the taste and benefits of olive oil – or your other favorite oil – without using large amounts.

The egg cooker is one of those things that I wonder where it has been all my life. It’s one of the niftiest things I’ve ever had in my kitchen. It cooks up to seven perfect eggs in minutes.

Full disclosure…I’ve never used an avocado slicer before. I saw someone use one on tv and thought it was pretty cool. I’m going to get one.

I use these little prep bowls and tiny wire whisks almost every day to make dips and sauces. They go together perfectly. A dollop of sour cream with a squirt of sriracha and a splash of water makes a wonderful sriracha crema to drizzle over meatballs in Bulgogi sauce with jasmine rice and veggies.

I love, love, LOVE my fish turners. I have one in every size. I don’t even cook fish. They are great for cooking omelets, turning pancakes, or anything where you need a thin blade. My daughter recently gave me three new ones, and I was thrilled.