An Only Child and her Sister

By Casey Maxwell Clair

An Only Child and her Sister documents the life of writer Casey Maxwell Clair and her family. The first paragraph sucked me right in. Clair writes simply and expressively, and I felt like I was there growing up with her.

I never realized how many people neglect and abuse their kids, but the more I read, the more I realize I probably know people who do. Even though the topic is a serious one, this book wasn’t at all a downer. Clair told the story matter-of-factly and wasn’t looking for sadness and sympathy from her readers.

The story starts in the 1950s and details growing up in Hollywood with parents in show business. Clair’s mother is narcissistic, and her father struggles with drug addiction and bouts of mental illness.

The consequences of abuse and neglect follow the victims throughout their lives and affect every relationship, every job, everything. I recommend An Only Child and Her Sister. It gets five stars from me.