My January Fix

Soll Mixed Material Top

My January fix arrived this morning. This month, I selected a shirt, a jacket, two pairs of jean, and some sneakers. They did not disappoint. The Kaileigh top (above) is so soft and comfy. It will go great with the TOMS sneakers and denim jacket below. Thanks to my prior fixes, I already have a selection of purses and jewelry to match.

Cabrillo Canvas Lace Up Sneaker

I don’t know how they do it, but StitchFix always sends me shoes that fit perfectly. It’s amazing how they do that, because if I go to the store to buy my own shoes I’m not nearly as successful with getting comfort, beauty, and trend as getting the ones StitchFix sends me. My arches need a little extra support on the inside, and these sneakers provide that. I wore them around the house this morning, and they were great. No need to even break them in. These shoes have a bit of a suede look and feel, and they are a bit dressier than my other sneakers.

Jeri Skinny Distressed Jean

A funny story…My son called me one day and asked if I owned any jeans with holes in them. I said that I did. He said when he and his girlfriend had spent the prior weekend at our house he had taken my jeans home with them because he thought they belonged to his girlfriend. He said, “They’re trendy jeans. I thought they were hers.” I guess he didn’t think I could be trendy. He must not pay attention to what I wear.

The jeans I’m wearing right now are practically shredded across the front upper thighs. I love them. One time, I wore them to a baseball game. Two women sitting a couple of rows in front of us kept looking back at my jeans with disapproving glances, and they were obviously talking about me. I have no idea what that was about. Maybe they thought a woman my age shouldn’t be wearing jeans with this many holes in them. They must not have enough fun in their lives. There was this one time that I went to a different baseball game, and there was a lady sitting in front of us who was wearing a completely shear black shirt with nothing under it. I talked about her…and look at me still talking about her here. She probably thought I didn’t’ have enough fun in my life. I’m sure at the time she would have been right about that, but times change and I’m plenty fun now.

Adelene Girlfriend Jean

Of course, I also like to have jeans without holes in case I’m going somewhere that holes would be less appropriate. I’m not sure where that would be, but just in case. They didn’t used to let us wear jeans with holes to the office, but I telecommute full time now.

Kolten Denim Jacket

I’ve never owned a denim jacket before, so I thought I’d give this one a shot. Every one I’ve tried on in the past had no give, and it was hard to move my arms around. This jacket has some stretchiness, and it’s comfy. I hung it by the front door so I can wear it the next time I go out.

I’m going to see George Lopez next week, so maybe I’ll wear some of these pieces. With COVID raging like it is right now, I could possibly end up not going, but if I do go I’ll probably incorporate the denim jacket for sure.

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