Beach Scene Part Deux

I attempted to paint a beach scene a second time, and this was the result. A lot better, but still a lot of room to grow. Consistency is key, from what I’m told. The palm tree leaves came out better than in past attempts.

I’ve been watching SkillShare videos on acrylic blending techniques. After watching three such videos, I ordered these round brushes. I only need one, I think, but this came with three for only $2.00 less than buying one. You know…a girl and a sale…I also ordered this pack of two color wheels after the video showed what can happen if you mix colors that are across the color wheel from each other. Some of them turn muddy or brown. We don’t want that to happen, and it already has several times.

I looked at blending medium as well, but haven’t ordered any yet. One thing I really want is an art portfolio to store some of my paintings. I’ve looked at some, but haven’t found the right one yet. There really isn’t a right one, but just one that grabs me and says, “I must come and live with you.”

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