Painting Practice

As I mentioned in previous posts, I bought this cute little art journal book to practice painting. So far, the flower painting above is my favorite.

Obviously, I paint better than I write, and that’s not saying much at this point. But whatever. It’ll get better with time and practice. My son said snarkily that he has a Cricut Explore Air 2 Blue Machine Bundle – Beginner DigitalGuide, Tool Kit, Vinyl, Designs so he doesn’t have bad lettering in his projects.

I was all happy with the pink and purple one until I did the writing. I’m considering painting the page on the right white and then using it again for something else.

I’m dreaming of the day I can paint something from a photo or a still life, and especially a real scene. I’m happy with my progress as a total beginner, but looking forward to better days. Today, I ordered another little book. It’s exactly like the one I’ve been using, but it’s a little bit larger. Paul Rubens Watercolor Paper Block, Premium Leather Cover Artist Quality Hot Pressed Paper for Watercolors and Wet Media Block, 100 Percent Cotton, 7.68 x 5.31 inches, 140lb, 20 Sheets (Pink)

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