A Little Grinchy

I can be a bit of a Grinch at Christmas. I know y’all didn’t think that about me, but it’s absolutely true. I’m more of a routine sort of girl, and holidays throw my routines out of whack. People have expectations at Christmas, and I don’t like it when people expect anything of me. It gives me an oppressive feeling…a feeling of being oppressed. Crazy, right?

Maybe a lot of people are closet Grinches. I posted this painting on Facebook, and everybody said it was their favorite. Why do people say Christmas is magical? Where is the magic? What is the magic? I must be lacking something. I remember the excitement of being a child and going to the Christmas parade. It felt like my heart was in my throat when the bands went by. I no longer get that feeling. I only get the feeling of stress caused by the expectations of others.

So…the Grinch. I like this painting.

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