Rudolph Snowman

I call this fella Rudolph Snowman because he has a big red nose like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. He’s now sitting on the fireplace mantel among the reindeer paintings we did at Painting With a Twist.

I read today that it’s better to paint small paintings every day than to work on a large painting for a long time. Sounds good to me. The completion of something quickly might keep me motivated. For this painting, I used 4″ x 6″ Strathmore Watercolor Postcards, 3 Pads. These cards can be used as painted postcards or Christmas cards.

I saw a painting posted in a Facebook group, and the lady who did it said she had only been painting for a year. Her painting was way less amateurish than mine. Although I’ve been painting for a year, it has been just sporadic and mainly a few minutes here and there on the weekends. I know I shouldn’t be comparing myself to others, but I do. It doesn’t make me feel bad. It makes me want to work harder and improve. Whether my paintings or good or bad, they bring me joy. I feel joy while I’m painting them and again when I see them hanging on the wall or sitting on a shelf.

I want to do seasonal paintings for all the different seasons and holidays. I love this little snowman and will be sad to put him away when Christmas is over. I’m sure I’ll do other paintings that I love as much.

I must say this is not an original design by me. It’s something from Pinterest. I’m not really at the place yet where I have much luck painting my own creations. I know the more I practice that it will come. I’ll just keep doing it.

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