I Need Art Classes

I realized after taking this picture that I need art classes, particularly on blending. This little kitty is cute, but it’s not the best I am capable of doing. I Googled acrylic painting classes and found Skillshare. It was a pleasant surprise to see how many art classes they have. There are a lot of acrylic painting classes, including some on billing. I signed up for the free seven days and began watching. After seeing two classes, I’m going to get the subscription for a year. It definitely looks worth it.

When my son saw the little kitten above, he said it needs to be repainted because his kitten is black. I have a second one since I bought two by accident, so I’m going to paint the other one black. It does look a little like his kitten. This little guy lights up. I bought it at Michaels. I kind of went overboard that day and bought one of most of their Christmas wood cutouts.

Someday when I retire – not any time soon – I may set up a real art studio and paint. Sure, I need to get a lot better at it, but that will come with practice. There’s still time. I won’t retire until I have a plan in place for how I’ll stay busy. Otherwise, I might just sit on the couch and watch tv all the time, and I don’t want to do that. I am an avid tv watcher, but I need something more. Practice makes perfect.

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