Plus Four Please

The ability to add WW points makes me feel powerful. With the new WW Personal Points Program, I can add additional points to my day/week by drinking 60 ounces of water, eating non-starchy vegetables, and moving.

I got excited and fixed up this plate for my lunch. I couldn’t eat it all at one time, so I snacked on it throughout the afternoon. Not only do I not have to subtract any daily points for this plate, I can also add four points because there are four cups of veggies here. Eggs are free. Guacamole is also free for me with the new plan.

The only thing in this picture that required cooking was the eggs. Even that was quick and easy because I used my Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Easy Electric Egg Poacher, Omelet & Soft, Medium, Hard-Boiled, Deviled Egg Cooker with Auto-Shut off and Buzzer, 7 Egg Capacity, White. I love this little egg cooker. It makes the perfect boiled egg in minutes, and you can choose whether you want them soft, medium, or hard-boiled. I usually cook seven eggs at a time and put them in the fridge for a quick, easy snack. It helps me stay on track.

The guacamole is from one of those little mini cups you can get at the store already prepared. The coleslaw mix is from a bag. I mixed the guacamole in with the coleslaw instead of using salad dressing, so I wouldn’t have to count any points.

I really like this new plan so far.

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