Thanksgiving Painting

My daughter has always loved decorating the dining room table for all the seasons and holidays. I never participated in the decorating until last year. We went to Painting With a Twist a few times and painted seasonal items plus a few other types of paintings. We really enjoyed it and decided to explore painting further at home. We branched out and decorated the fireplace.

Now we’re starting to paint Christmas decorations. As you can see, we really like the little red trucks, so there will be some of those for Christmas too, but there will be a lot of other things as well. I think we bought one of every wooden ornament at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.

I never knew how much I’d love painting. I’m very much the amateur, but whatever. When I was a kid, I dabbled with oil paints – paint by number – what were you thinking I meant? Now, I love acrylic painting. I love that it’s so easy to clean up and that no matter how many mistakes I make I can just paint over it. Acrylics are very forgiving. Thank goodness.

I watched a couple of YouTube videos on how to decorate a Christmas tree. I’ve never been very good at that. I mean, it’s something I can do, but it’s nothing impressive. Oh well, something to learn for the future.

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