True Crime is My Guilty Pleasure

I’m fascinated by true crime. Maybe I should have been an anthropologist. Pondering the activities and mental processes of others is my obsession…literally…My doctor calls it OCD, but whatever.

My favorite crime shows are Cold Justice and Snapped. Cold cases and missing people interest me the most. I like to see the puzzles solved and justice brought to the perpetrator.

Lately, I’ve been reading books about evil parents and how they treated their kids and others. You just never know what goes on in the homes of others. It’s easy to think you don’t know anyone who is doing or experiencing bad things at home, but the sad reality is that you probably do. I feel lucky to have had an upbringing that didn’t include torture. I don’t know why these books appeal to me, but maybe it’s because the authors survived and wrote books. They must be tough.

I recently read Call Me Tuesday by Leigh Byrne. It was well written and grabbed my attention quickly. The things this poor child suffered were bizarre and heart-wrenching. She showed incredible tenacity and a will to survive. Byrne wrote a second book called Call Me Cockroach: Based on a True Story (Call Me Tuesday Series Book 2). I haven’t read it yet, but I’m sure it is great.

What are some of your favorite true crime books?

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