One Meal A Day

Today I’m going for the one meal intermittent fasting option…or at least 20:4. I’m going to eat dinner at 6:00 pm with my family.

I can’t get over how amazing I feel with intermittent fasting.  Oddly, I’m developing increased muscle tone. I had a lot of cellulite before, and it is rapidly going away. My legs are getting very smooth and toned. And I’m 60 years old.

I’ve been relaxing this a bit on the weekends, but I’ve found that I don’t want to eat that much. This is unusual for me because I’ve always been a stress eater – even a binge eater – and that’s going away. I feel much more relaxed and happy.

My clothes are fitting me better. I woke up with so much energy this morning. I actually have the urge to exercise. That’s new.

This is my eating plan. I’ve found it at long last.


  1. YEP!!!! I love intermittent fasting, it’s the way we are intended to eat. I generally go about 16-18 hrs daily as a fasting rule. But the beauty is how flexible it is! You can go to dinner with family and shift your hours as needed! The bulk of course is during our sleeping anyway. No biggie! I am glad you are embracing this, it will help you in more ways than I can describe here! Its a good thing! The key is eating good healthy and nourishing foods during your eating hours and not crap. Healthy fats, whole foods, and whatever you want, really, as long as it is not over processed.


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