When Did Everything Become So Political?


I like keeping up with people on Facebook. Many of my Facebook friends I’ve known 52 + years – or for my entire life. For the past couple of years, all the political posts have been tiring. Today, when I started reading about the NFL players taking a knee in solidarity against our president…that was just the end for me. I need a Facebook break. Life used to be simpler when everything wasn’t so political.

People used to have interests that made them unique. Some liked to hike or cook or read or bike. Now it’s just memes about politics, disasters, doom and gloom. I’ve decided to hop off the politics train for a bit so I can regain a balanced perspective. Maybe I’ll blog instead. Or journal. Who knows.

I’ve discovered a different social media site called ResearchGate. It’s for researchers. I’ve uploaded my dissertation topic and started making some contacts. I’ve found people who are researching topics similar to mine, and it has given me insight into my own research.  I’m making good progress on my dissertation.  I plan to submit to QRM in early December.

When I’ve finished my dissertation, I want to write some articles for publication.  I’m making a list of potential topics that range from healthcare IT to artificial intelligence – of the robotics variety. I’ve been reading up on AI. How would you write code for that? Are decisions just If…ELSE statements? Maybe life is just a long sequence of If…ELSE statements. What if humans are nothing more than AI? What if free will is the ability to choose IF or ELSE? I know…I watch a lot of Ancient Aliens.  But…what if?


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